andriannah Mbandi


Andriannah is the Media and Marketing Coordinator for the Mentorship Division of South African Women in Engineering (SAWomEng). She is qualified as a chemical engineer, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental science; exploring issues on transport and air pollution in sub-Saharan African cities. She has worked in the electro-mechanical engineering, manufacturing and textiles industry before she took up studying again driven by her passion for the environment and health in Sub-Sahara Africa. As a woman from a rural part of Kenya, she considers herself privileged to have parents that believe strongly in education. She was also fortunate to have had an inspiring teacher at primary school that recognized and encouraged her potential in science and mathematics. She feels if she can impart even an iota of enthusiasm and guidance afforded to her by her teachers, fellow students, friends and family, to another student, then she will have honored her mentors.