Unilever Future Leaders League Competition

iMonday, Mar 3rd, 2014 comments by jamielee

Unilever is excited to announce their Future Leaders League Competition. It is open to 3rd and final year students (post grad students are welcome if they are full-time students and under 30). 

Students need to come up with an innovate idea for Unilever to become more water-friendly e.g. innovate a product or look at how to optimise their manufacturing process to use less water. At the end of the competition, the best 3 students represent South Africa in the global competition, competing against other Unilever country winners.

To apply Students need to go onto to this link and download the application form and Powerpoint deck for their idea submission. They need to submit these to gradsza@unilever.com before 4 April at 4pm to enter the competition. 

Any questions or queries can be communicated via the Unilever Facebook page (Unilever Careers South Africa).

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