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WomEng Kenya: The Nutsheller

iThursday, Oct 1st, 2015 comments by Busisiwe Keke


The universal nut Sheller formerly called Malian peanut Sheller is a simple hand operated machine capable of shelling raw sun dried is made of concrete poured into two simple fiber glass molds, some metal parts, one wrench and any piece or rock or wood that can serves a hammer.

It operates by user loading the desired crop in the space at the top. The user turns the handle, which rotates the rotor continuously. This movement facilitates the nut falling down the gradually narrowing gap. The shell of each nut is broken at the point where the gap is sufficiently narrow and rotor motion causes sufficient friction to crack open the shell. The adjustable minimum width of the gap allows a range of nut sizes to be shelled. The kernel and the shell fragments fall into a basket and later separated by winnowing. Device is used for shea, dried coffee and peanuts






The fully belly project has developed a pedal powered agricultural processor which places the universal nut Sheller onto a pedaling chasis. The pedaling apparatus is connected to a fan. The fan automatically winnows the harvests (separates the shells from nuts).the pedal powered versions are capable of shelling the same variety of crops as the hand crank powered versions. The processor also provides access for the winnowing section to be used independently from the Sheller. This allows winnowing of cross that are not shelled such as maize rice and sorghum

The machine was a help to local people since it had the following Advantages;

ü  It requires less materials to make

ü  It accepts a wide range nut sizes without adjustment

ü  Operators can make any necessary adjustments quickly and easily

ü  Has a great life expectancy(25 years)

ü  One machine serves needs of about 2000 people

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