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WomEng Kenya: Paying it Forward:

iWednesday, Nov 4th, 2015 comments by AnnetteKamau

Paying it forward, three simple yet powerful words that Naadiya, co-founder of WomEng, closed the 2015 WomEng Kenya Fellowship with. It may seem a bit odd to begin with the end but, kindly indulge me…

Paying it forward to me basically means sharing; and in this sense sharing the knowledge and skills imparted during the fellowship to others as well as sharing the information about the fellowship itself. In my short life, I have gathered that most people find it difficult sharing because well, it is in our nature to be selfish as humans; but, for some of that most, the difficulty comes in when determining the best method to share information. Just like our Smart Phones give us several in sharing such as via Bluetooth, Email or apps like Instagram, Facebook and so on, there are various methods through which one can share information.

Let me give you an example of myself: One of the speakers, Mark, during the fellowship spoke about entrepreneurship and gave us the basics of it. The first step in the entrepreneurship process according to Mark was identifying and analysing the skills that one has on hand. Now, one of the skills that I have is writing which I have come to really enjoy and I am constantly improving it by blogging. The second step to the entrepreneurship process was making a list of all the possible enterprises that one can employ that skill. Therefore, when Naadiya spoke of paying it forward, I used what I had learnt and decided on writing as a means of paying it forward. See? Quite simple, isn’t it.

My fellow fellow, Alice Wanjiru, talked about what basically went on during the 2015 WomEng Kenya fellowship here and I couldn’t agree with her more, that is precisely how I feel about the entire experience so, I urge you past fellows both in Kenya and South Africa, to do something with your knowledge and share with others what WomEng is using whatever skills you have in hand. You could volunteer, you could start a club in your universities, maybe you could even use a connection you have to get more sponsors for WomEng; basically whatever you think would help.

So as I conclude, to past fellows, you have the information, which is very powerful, share it and to all future fellows, come into the WomEng family having this in mind, at the end of the day you should do something to PAY IT FORWARD.

‘Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.’ Albert Einstein

By Gillian Makamara

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