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What to expect at the @Network event this year

iMonday, Jun 2nd, 2014 comments by

A few of the many exciting things to look forward to at the @Network event on 26 June in Cape Town is the showcasing of some amazing robotics and Mechatronic Engineering.

RoboRaceSA Robo Car

RoboRaceSA promotes the fields of robotics and engineering to young South Africans. Teams from various engineering backgrounds are supplied a remote controlled model car and are required to modify the vehicle in order to create the fastest car around a pre-determined track. Sounds interesting? Join us at the @Network Cocktail Evening to find out more!




Lifeplayer MP3

How can education be made accessible to communities without access to electricity or basic facilities? Lifeline Energy, a Cape Town- based non-profit organisation, have found an answer in the Lifeplayer. The Lifelayer is able to store interactive radio lessons that can be replayed at any time or place, and is currently in use in 11 countries across Africa and Asia. This highly- effective product harnesses the sun's energy for power to allow poor and remote communities access to a standardised high-quality education. Join us at the @Network Cocktail Evening to see the Lifeplayer in action!

The African Android Computer

How can concepts of solar energy, re-use of e-waste, power saving and the lack of an internet connection be addressed in a computer, without compromising on performance? The African Android Computer consists of a stand-alone CPU keyboard that makes use of any recycled e-waste such as monitors, keyboards and hard-drives. It can create and extend Wi-Fi networks, and runs Android with a built-in MESH node capability. Join us at the @Network Cocktail Evening to discover more!

The POWERcycle

How can we generate affordable, sustainable and clean electricity for use in areas without access to basic infrastructure? Shakti Energy presents the POWERcycle, the world's first commercially- available generator powered by pedal power. This amazing product forms part of the Safe Township Lighting initiative, and presents a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs in township communities. View this incredible product (and others) at the @Network Cocktail Event on the 26th June!

The Nuru Light

How can we address the current problem of a lack of electricity in informal settlements? Over 3.4 million South African households rely on paraffin for lighting, which poses a potential safety risk as well as being an expensive source of fuel. Shakti Energy distributes the Nuru Light, a small, affordable LED light that is able to provide 20 hours of light on a full recharge. This sustainable source of light can be used in conjunction with the POWERcycle and create job opportunities for entrepreneurs. Join us at the @Network Cocktail evening to find out more!

Mobile Phone Charger

Mobile phones allow communities to connect with each other, but recharging them presents a problem in off-grid households where access to electricity is limited. Shakti Energy will be demonstrating the Octopus; which, when linked to to POWERcycle, is able to recharge 5 cell phones per hour. Discover more at the @Network Cocktail Event in Cape Town on 26th June!

Don't delay, rally up your friends who are working and studying engineering and prepare for an evening of amazing debate and rubbing shoulders with influential people in the industry. Visit Computicket now to secure your ticket!

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