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Western Cape Team Induction 2014

iMonday, Mar 3rd, 2014 comments by jamielee

First meetings aren’t always the easiest thing to do as you never know what to expect. The comforting feeling was to find that this group comprised of modest people. This year’s team includes: Rakisha (Head), Delincia (Treasurer), Claire (Marketing and Media), Sam (Events Coordinator), Dakalo (Logistics) and Siphesihle (Secretary).

Before the actual orientation started, we played the “Common ground” game to help us to get to know each other’s interests and discover what we have in common. This was necessary because we are going to be working together and therefore need to get comfortable.

At the start of the meeting, we were introduced by the orientation leaders who thereafter took us through a brief description of the various portfolio tasks and duties for the year. After the session, over the break, the group got to interact further where we discussed how we want to work and what we wish to do differently this year. Some of the ideas that evolved during this session were to devise techniques on how to promote access to decision-making so that high school girls are well informed early on. This way, the students can make better decisions about their future.


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