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The UN Sustainability Goals

iMonday, Oct 5th, 2015 comments by Busisiwe Keke

The UN recently announced a set of goals aiming to irradiate poverty, inequality and ensure a sustainable future for the planet. The Sustainability Development Goals were put forth on September 25th, for various countries, organisations and people to adopt. The UN is adamant in being as inclusive as possible. Over the next 15 years, we will see a drive towards goals that will better equip and educate the people of the world on ways and means of sustainability.

At WomEng, we are particularly excited to see that the UN has included in the SDGs, Gender Equality, focusing on the equal access of education, health care, economic opportunities and representation in political and economic sectors for women and girls around the world. Gender equality is important for the whole world as it is paramount for peace and prosperity.

We look forward to seeing how different countries and organisations move towards being more inclusive and we will continue the work we have done so far to lead the way.

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