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My Success Story by Precious Muthevhuli

iMonday, Apr 7th, 2014 comments by jamielee

My name is Precious Vhuthuhawe Muthevhuli. I am a Venda, originally from Limpopo province in Thohoyandou. I went to Mbilwi Secondary School, the best Maths and Science high school in Limpopo. Just like most of the people, I was confused about the career path to take. I just knew that with Maths and Science, I could go to any length possible. I took part in Maths and Science competitions, which exposed me to several informal talks with different people on Science related careers. I remember sitting down one day reading about careers on Internet until I realised that engineering was what I wanted. It took me some time to finally decide on the field of engineering because it involved a lot of research. Finally, I chose a very scarce skill, Bioresoures Engineering. I can call that a turning point in my life.

I had to leave home and get to Durban on my own in order to pursue the career path I chose. Knowing that I was going to see my family once in a while was not any easy decision to make, but I did because doing Bioresources Engineering was all I wanted. I have always been a very quiet person so I bet people would hardly realise how nervous I was since I didn't really know what to expect. I started my first year at UKZN, that is where I saw a GirlEng advertisement of becoming a mentor in 2010. I applied because I knew that being a mentor would save someone several hours of googling about engineering. I wanted to give someone an opportunity which I didn't really have.

I liked the exposure I had when I was a mentor. I remember giving a talk about my field of study. People who were attending the Info Session were thrilled by my presentation. One of the parents came to me saying that she was going to encourage her daughter to be more like me because I appeared to be passionate about what I was doing. Mind you, I was still on first year. Interacting with the high school girls was a fascinating experience, so I reapplied to be a mentor the following year. Little did I realise that as I was helping the girls develop their skills, I was also growing as a person. I used to be a very quiet person but being a mentor in GirlEng made me get out of that shell. I am pleased to know that some of the girls I mentored have chosen to ignite the flame of engineering in GirlEng.

Being more of a doer than a talker is who I am. I got an opportunity to become an Events Coordinator the following year. Working together as a GirlEng KZN team made things even more interesting. I felt honoured as an individual when I realised that our events were going well. It was a huge success for 2012 GirlEng KZN team as well. Being part of GirlEng has made me to evolve for the better and the skills I learnt are helping me in my field of study too. I do not regret choosing this path at all. I am now the Head of Executives in GirlEng KZN 2013 team. I am still in touch with some of my mentees. Knowing that I have touched their lives and changed them for the better is a pleasure I have no words to describe. It is a huge personal success for me too. The personal growth I have from the organisation inspires me to do more. I am going to finish my studies next year and I am looking forward to be part of other SAWomEng divisions besides GirlEng...

 By Precious Muthevhuli

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