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Men@work at SAWomEng

iSaturday, Aug 24th, 2013 comments by emily

‘Girls can do it better than boys’. Well, maybe some things, yes. However, this is not the case at SAWomEng, and it was refreshing to see some gentlemen on the team. These are the guys I had the pleasure of meeting during Conference week.

Conference 2013 member

ITAI CHUMHUNDU - The third-year Electro-Mechanical Engineering student joined SAWomEng towards the end of 2012. He had heard about the work that the organisation was doing and applied online to join. One interview later and he was officially a part of the SAWomEng family. 

Itai looks after the money. His duties include bookkeeping, handling petty cash, tracking the budget and any other administration.



Conference 2013 member

UMRAAN HENDRICKS - The Chemical Engineer has worked for Midas and is currently busy with his PhD. He and Traci Reddy, who sits on the National Executive Council of SAWomEng, were class mates at university and he was persuaded to apply through listening to her talk of the work they were doing.

Umraan also wears more than one hat. He is responsible for promotions and is in charge of Logistics for Conference – arranging hotels, flights, buses, etc.



AMIEN PHILLIPS - In Amien’s words, he is an ‘unofficial’ member of the SAWomEng team. His introduction to SAWomEng came in 2010 when he was working for a web design company called 9 Degrees. The company was approached to construct a website for the organisation. 9 Degrees has since closed its doors and Amien has taken over the maintenance of the SAWomEng site.

Amien is the official photographer for Conference.

By Mariam Osman


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