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KZN Info Session 2014: Done and dusted!!!

iTuesday, May 27th, 2014 comments by jamielee

Hours of planning and hard work, and finally the day had arrived. The rush of anxiety, excitement and stress filled the foyer of the UNITE building at UKZN Howard college where the KZN Info Session for 2014 was being held. Many thoughts ran through our heads at that very moment, “Will it be enough?””Will the girls attend?”, “Have we done enough?”

Five hours later and the laughs and screams and appreciation displayed at the end of the Session was all we needed to put a smile on our faces! 

The emotion and effort put into the event was all worth it in the end. Having around 100 high school girls walk through our doors all ready to be educated, to be informed and to learn.

The response from the girls was overwhelming. They participated in any activity that was given to them, from the simple questions during presentations, right out to interacting with the mentors around them.

The Info Session was very informative and precise. The girls found the information being given to them very helpful and the speakers made them feel very comfortable to ask questions and interact with them as well.  The mentors gave them an insight into the life of an engineering student and how different it is in comparison to school.

Aside from the speakers, our stall holders provided the students with an insight into what it might be like to be a working engineer in industry. A wide variety of stalls created a fun, creative environment for the girls to interact with. Companies like Microsoft and Eskom were at the event and these stalls did spark quite a bit of interest amongst the girls.

Positive feedback is all we’ve gotten back from the speakers, special guests, attendees and most importantly the girls. It was a day for them, and after speaking to quite a number of them, the response was overwhelming. Knowing the kind of impact we make to these girls is really something we look forward to hearing.

And the Journey isn't over …. Next stop, WEEKEND WORKSHOP!!!   


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