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Green Thursday - Cecilia Square

iWednesday, Jun 10th, 2015 comments by Barbara

Cecilia Square


Client: Lazercor Developments

Year completed: 2012

14 Cecilia Square.jpg

Cecilia Square is a new multi- tenanted office development in Paarl with an overall green strategy which includes waste, energy, water and transport to create a healthy, productive working environment. Designed by KMH architects in consultation with green consultants PJCarew Consulting, the project achieved a 4 Star Green Star SA- Office v1 Design Rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa in May 2013.

The technologically intelligent development consists of 2 separate office buildings connected by ground floor walkways, which share a single entrance.

Cecilia Square achieved a 70% reduction in water consumption and a 50% reduction in energy through innovative design features. These include:

  • Environmental best- practise design using first principles.

  • Rain water harvesting for irrigation and flushing.

  • The use of indigenous planting which require minimal irrigation.

  • Intelligent energy fittings which monitor ambient temperatures and automatically switch off lights when no movement is detected.

  • Monitoring of emissions, which comply with the GBCSA's guidelines.

  • Coffered slabs containing voids which minimise concrete usage and increase thermal properties, thereby requiring less artificial heating and cooling measures to maintain an ambient indoor temperature.

  • Cyclist facilities and safe walking routes across the site.


                                                   Sun path diagram and daylight modelling.


The project aimed for simple initiatives to create a green- friendly building, which resulted in the 4 Star building being completed within a conventional construction budget. The building was the first green- rated building constructed in the Drakenstein Municipality.



Artist impressions and photos: KMH Architects
Diagrams: PJCarew Consulting

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