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GP Info Session

iMonday, May 26th, 2014 comments by jamielee

I clearly remember attending a GirlEng Info Session,what seems like many, many years ago. As a Matriculant, I was eager to discover what this “GirlEng” was exactly, and what they had to offer.They surely delivered! Four years later and I find myself on the other side of the event – as a volunteer, but no less excited as I had been the first time.

The session itself was so informative and just as fun as I remembered. There was an array of inspirational speakers, each providing valuable information about the different engineering fields one could pursue, our development for engineering and university application advice - it got me so excited , I was practically ready to apply again!

There are few things as inspiring as seeing and engaging with people interested in what you’re doing, and these attendees had hunger and passion that could inspire an entire class for a good few years! My heart swelled with pride when the young ladies came to the stands set up by the various engineering faculties to ask current student volunteers questions and get more information from those with experience in studying what they wished to someday do. It was thrilling to see so many young ladies interested in a field of study that is, until today, considered unconventional for girls.

The day was, as it is always, a day to be remembered.At my last GirlEng Info Session, I left smiling, excited at the thought that someday I’d be on the other side. This time I left, smiling once again, excited at the thought of these young ladies someday being on my side – as part the wonderful GirlEng circle.

By Radiyah Manjoo


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