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GirlEng KZN Mentor Training Workshop

iSaturday, Mar 16th, 2013 comments by Tarika

GirlEng is excited to present to you its 2013 KZN executive and mentor teams. A group of dynamic, passionate and unique female engineering students are ready to make GirlEng's aim of 'Mentorship' and “promoting engineering” shine even brighter.  

The new GirlEng executive team for KZN is as follows; Precious Vhuthuhawe (Head of Executive), Janelle Jaimangal (Secretary), Qhawekazi Nqopiso (Treasurer), Moheshini Rajarathnam (Events Coordinator), Aumika Ramnarain (Logistics Coordinator), Tarika Balmahoon (Media and marketing Coordinator)

GirlEng KZN’s goal for this year is to promote engineering to female high school students in new, exciting and fun ways.

The KZN GirlEng mentor training workshop took place on 16/03/2013.  Chipo Chimhundu (SAWomEng Mentorship Director) did a great job in facilitating the workshop. This year KZN has taken on 12 mentors – a change from the usual 10. Representing GirlEng was Reevana Balmahoon (GirlEng Co-Director) and Aditi Lachman (GirlEng National Operations Coordinator). These enthusiastic mentors together with the provincial executive team and abovementioned national team members and are shown below.


The workshop aimed at discussing in detail what mentorship is, what it means to be a mentor and how to be a good mentor. It was agreed that that mentoring is not about imposing your dreams on someone else’s but rather about tailoring yourself to assist someone else reach their goals. It is about being a source of relevant information and providing career advice. After having discussions on mentorship, it was only natural that we list the qualities of a good mentor; these included patience, open mindedness, learning to deal with different personalities, good communication skills and common ground and compatibility.

The event was very informative and served as a platform for the team to become familiar with one another.

Go GirlEng KZN!! 

Tarika Balmahoon

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