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GirlEng Info Session Day!! Western Cape

iMonday, May 26th, 2014 comments by jamielee

The GirlEng Info Session for Western Cape took place on the 10th of May at the University of Cape- Town. The event was set to start at 08.30 and the executive team was at the venuebright and early to set up and get everything in place for the much waited event that had taken a lot of hard work and planning. The initial turnout was slow, but by 9.30 the venue started filling up as more and more students turned up.

Naadiya, the Co-founder of WomEng gave a warm welcome to the girls and was followed by the guest speakers from the various engineering disciplines, who spoke very well and had demonstrations to go with their presentations which kept the girls captivated and they looked very interested in the wonderful world of engineering. Thereafter there was a break were questions were answered and the exec team and other members of WomEng had an opportunity to converse with the learners.

After the break, the learners were informed of all the entrance requirements for the different degrees offered in engineering and the built environment faculty as well as different routes that could be taken if you didn’t meet the requirements. Mary Hilton, a UCT representative from the EBE faculty, told success stories of students who had had challenges in the completion of their degrees and who are now at the top and still rising at big engineering firms. They were very inspiring stories and not only inspired the learners, but everyone who was in the venue including the team and other volunteering students.

Everything went smoothly and as planned despite the late start. It was a great day and we had positive remarks from all who had attended the event. The ladies were left very inspired and more knowledgeable about the vast world of engineering and seemed very keen on attending another GirlEng event. It was a great day and thanks to all the hard work the event was a success.

The WC GirlEng Team now look forward to the upcoming Weekend Workshop, setting in motion the action plan behind another awesome event to come in August

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