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GirlEng Gauteng and Limpopo welcome their team of mentors for 2013

iSaturday, Apr 6th, 2013 comments by Refifi
Excitement kicked in as GirlEng Gauteng hosted the mentor training workshop on the 6th of April 2013 for both Gauteng and Limpopo province. They say mentoring is about learning, not only for the mentees but for the mentors as well and as Chipo Chimhundu, the Mentorship Director, began her presentation, that journey for the mentors, and the GirlEng executive committees of both provinces was about to begin. 

Team Limpopo featuring Chipo Chimhundu (third row from the bottom, right-hand corner).

Team Gauteng also featuring Chipo Chimhundu

The session was aimed at bringing together the ladies to inform them of their duties as mentors and also as representatives of SAWomEng in general. With GirlEng this year we aim to go bigger in our outreach and in order to achieve these goals we will need the help of these mentors who will have a more intimate relationship with these high school future leaders. The GirlEng Co-Directors (Reevana Balmahoon and Aysha Fakier) were also present. The session was also a platform for understanding what is expected of the mentors, their roles and their goals. We can only grow if we aim to reach and teach a different crowd which can further spread the good news of SAWomeEng/GirlEng in particular, and as part of our growth we had with us amongst the crowd of enthusiasts as shown below in the picture, Simbai Chimhundu a Quantity Surveyor and Tashmika Aboo a teacher, and they were there to observe and learn a few things from the mentor training session and just from the GirlEng committee as a whole.  

Chipo kept the crowd engaged with exercises that enabled the mentors and the executive members to interact with each other. Thereby getting to know each other and sharing ideas by brainstorming different concepts that were discussed at the session. In simple layman’s term, it was “fun” and nothing short of exciting details of what to expect throughout the year. GirlEng Gauteng and Limpopo are ready to tackle the year and are now equipped to do so.  
Refiloe Legoabe (GirlEng Gauteng: Media & Marketing)

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