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Applications Processed!

iWednesday, May 1st, 2013 comments by solty
Hi all!

The Conference Team has chosen this year's 60 delegates. It wasn't an easy process as 150 applications came in this year! There are some seriously inspiring young women out there!

We will be contacting the successful applicants shortly and to those of you that did not get selected, you will also be notified. Please do not however be discouraged. We have a waiting list due to the large number of applicants we have (despite the limited capacity of 60). 

If you are unsuccessful this year, please note that you are more than welcome to be a part of the SAWomEng family. You can keep an eye open for positions that will open later this year, in which you can be a campus ambassador! There is also GirlEng which you can get involved in and which promises to be rewarding as always. And of course, you may try next year, to apply for the 9th Annual Conference (The great thing about conference is it runs every year!).

Thank you to all who applied. We appreciate the effort you took out of your busy schedule to answer our questions:)

Good Luck!
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